viernes, 17 de julio de 2009

The Sebsi

A Sebsi is a traditional Moroccan wooden pipe used for smoking kif a mixture of cannabis and tobaco.
Sebsi's are made from a variety of woods from the better quality almond and walnut down to a reed like wood that grows along the rivers and lakes.
The cheaper woods tend to be hand painted and the reed pipes are left natural with the bark on.
The hard wood pipes of almond and walnut are made on a small hand worked lath,by the artsans and come in hundreds of different patterns.
Sebsis are nomally 40-45cm long although they tend to be shorter in the south.
The bowl that fits on the end of the sebsi is called a skuff and is hand made from clay.
The smoking of sebsi's in Morocco as been tradition since the start of Morocco, and is still smoked comonly in Morocco by old and young alike.

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