lunes, 11 de julio de 2016

Cutting Kif

There are several ways to achive quality  Kif, the simpliest and the quickest is with the wooden block below. Just break up your buds and place in the block, rotating from left to right for several minutes. This method produces Kif but it remains course and can block the skuff (clay bowl).
The traditional method is with a knife, used on a block as you would cut your veggies. this method takes time and needs repeating over and over till your Kif is cut as fine as possible. at this point some like to add a little tobacco,which does help to keep the Kif burning. But it's only a matter of preferance. don't be tempted to cut too much at once, as it tends to dry out quickly. it's advisable to store once cut in a plastic bag to avoid exccess drying.

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